• At Vision Learning we specialise in helping people in the art of communication. You may be interested in enhancing your own skills or those of the people in your organisation. We offer a whole range of corporate training for a wide variety of organisations. Many managers and trainers benefited from our expertise. We also offer creative workshops such as Cartooning for Trainers and Presenters where we teach creative and memorable ways to get message across. We support schools by offering training in how to make teaching and learning more effective with cartooning skills and proven study techniques.
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    Graham Shaw
    Managing Director

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The Art of Business Communication – by Graham Shaw

With a straightforward doodle or a quick illustration you’ll revolutionise how your message impacts your audience. And The Art of Business Communication will show you how to do it.
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‘Cartooning for Learning’ – Video and Workbook – Download

How to draw simple symbols and pictures to remember information. No drawing experience required–be prepared to amaze yourself!
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Speaker Coaching

Learn how to deliver the talk of your life! Receive one-to-one coaching from TEDx speaker Graham Shaw. This coaching is ideal for those preparing important presentations and conference speeches.

Visual Communication

Learn how make ideas memorable with quick sketch. No Picasso? No problem. Graham teaches easy-to-learn cartooning and graphic skills – ideal for trainers, facilitators, teachers and speakers.

Presentation Skills

Our in-house courses build the confidence skills to deliver presentations and talks. Find out more about how to equip your people with the professional techniques that make the difference.

TEDx Talk

Check out Graham Shaw’s talk at TEDx Hull. ‘Why people think they can’t draw – and how to prove they can.’ Think you can’t draw? Grab a pen and paper!


DVDandCase_thumbBrowse our learning resources including Graham’s popular DVD and Workbook for children and students; ‘Cartooning for Learning – Draw it Remember it!’ Also – see our resources for trainers.


Learn about our workshop sessions and resources for children, students and teachers. We specialise in brain-friendly study techniques, especially how to draw powerful visuals to make learning memorable.